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LCT 1380


Sam Zucker Lt. Jg. USNR

LCT (6) 1380

Landing Craft Tank

LCT (6) Group 103 - Flotilla 37

San Francisco - Okinawa - Sasebo - Fukuoka

November 1944 to April 1946




Joe Anderson Ens. (D) USNR

Crew Members

The following 19 men served at one time or another aboard the1380. The normal crew was 12 men and two officers:


  • George M. Wilson
  • Guy R. Hodges
  • William T. Autry
  • David Alkire
  • Kenneth Smith
  • Donald G. Auld
  • Boyd Adams
  • Robert Stahala
  • Ralph Hibbs
  • M.E. Lazotte
  • Ed Kramer
  • C. L. Barkley
  • M. Darley
  • W.E. Jones
  • Stephen A. McCarthey
  • Dennie O. Pierce
  • Nick Savastio
  • A. J. Schwall
  • Paul Sevigny

Selected Entries from the Log of LCT 1380 ...

Eventually, efforts were made to lift the "T's" back to the deck of LST's for the trip home. While lifting the "T" ahead of us, the crane broke and could not be repaired. We all looked for orders to go home, and the last I heard, the 1380 was given to the Chinese.

Best regards to all "The Crew" and to our friends on the other 51 "T''s" we worked (and bummed food and water) with in the Far East.

 Joe Anderson (    VJ Day on the 1380 ... McCarthey takes the conn.

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 Barclay & Jones, Seaman Stahala, Radioman / Painter Sevigny, Motor Mac 

We Won!!!


 Japanese general (left) and his troops 

Home via the 1380 (right)


 Schwall and Kramer

Our hi-tech conn ... horn, light, and rubber hose to wheel and engine men

 Darley, Gunners Mate

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